Todd Reed

Todd Reed® is an American artisanal luxury jewelry company renowned for creating works of art using recycled metals and sustainably-sourced raw and fancy-cut diamonds. Todd Reed creations are all one-of-a-kind, hand-forged and finished by master jewelers in Colorado. Todd Reed creates an alchemy of precious metals and stones that merge rugged natural beauty with refined sculptural elegance—Raw Elegance. It is a vision that fuses the iconoclastic spirit of an artist, the unwavering, hand-made ethos of an artisan, and the sustainable methods of a modern-day steward.


Todd Reed
Aquamarine Oval Ring
Small Two Disk Earrings, Diamonds
Pear Two Disk Earrings with Diamonds
White Diamond Band
White Diamond Pendant
Bangle with Brilliant Diamonds
Brilliant Cut Diamonds in Every Hue
Rose Cut Diamond Hoops
Rosecut Diamond Silver Cuff
Sterling Bangle with Diamonds
Alluvial Diamond Necklace
Bangles Collection with Diamonds
Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Earrings
Rose Cut Diamond Pendant
Rose Cut Diamond Eternity Band
Diamond Solitare Ring
Diamond Pendant
Three Diamond Ring
Gold Organic Shaped Band
Men's Band with Raw Diamond Wave
Black Diamond Drop Earrings
Black Diamond Pendant
Black Pear Diamond Ring
Red/Grey Oval Diamond Ring
Organic Australian Diamond Band
Cubes Dangle Earrings
Pink & Grey Pear Diamond Solitaire
Octahedron Diamond Solitaire
White Speckle Diamond Earrings
White Brilliant Channel Set Band
Autumn Brilliant Diamond Ring
Cubes Diamond Ring
Channel Set Raw Diamond Band
Channel Set Raw and Brilliant Band
Mini Diamond Ring Stack
Red Diamond Ring with Black and Grey
Aquamarine Ring
Pear Shaped Grey Diamond Ring
Men's Ring with Raw Cubes in Edge
Palladium and Red Fancy cut Diamond
Celestial Event Diamond Ring
Moss Grey Square Diamond Ring
White Brilliant Diamond Ring, 4mm
Channel Set White Diamond Ring
Black & White Diamond Flush Set Ring
Flush Set White Diamond Band
Bangle with Diamonds, 3
Bangle with Diamonds, 1
Bangle with Diamonds, 2
Men's Narrow Band with Black Diamond
Men's Band with Offset Raw Diamonds
Men's Wide Band with Black Diamonds