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Art For Home

Selected art collections curated by Lustre Gallery offer jewels to adorn your home. From floor to ceiling, we provide a variety of opportunities to bring art into your living spaces. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling or merely updating a room to find space for a work of art that you love, we are happy to help you in this design process.  We also work very closely with our artists to create custom works of art for you.

Wall Art

Lustre represents landscape artist Marshall Noice whose work brings inspiration, joy and tranquility to your environment.  Oil and pastel are used to create breathtaking vistas.

Lustre presents Marshall's work at:

  •  221 S. Oak. We highly recommend reservations to enjoy Chef Eliza's incredible food.

  • Telluride Truffle at 171 S. Pine St.

Illuminated Art

Known as the "Modern Day Tiffany", Ulla Darni has created a collection of illuminated art spanning an array of design motifs.  Her one of a kind, floral, abstract and custom aquatics bear her unparalleled style.  Ulla's design based, multiple original collection offers a design to fit every decor and color palate.  

Ulla Darni chandeliers, lanterns and sconces can be found at:
  • Telluride Truffle at 171 S. Pine St/

David Patchen handblown glass is created with meticulous planning and designing of colors and patterns.  The result is an intensive exploration of patterns, colors and transparency created through multi-layered cane and murrine within a series of graceful forms that serve as three dimensional canvases

Home Decor

Lustre's hand-crafted mineral and wood boxes and hand forged copper candlesticks add dimension and warmth to your home.    
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