Marshall Noice

The colors vibrate with Marshall's love of the land.  In Marshall’s words, "I capture a sense of place, but it's my sense, my color.  It's delicate, because color is a strange animal.  I work to create tone and value in an expressive way that resonates with me.  At times, my color is almost outrageous - on the edge of being out of control."

Big Sky Woodland
Lakeshore  Fall
Snow Along 160, Dove Creek
Looking North, Mancos
East of the River
Campfire on Bull Lake
Rollins Woods
Ridge Top Ash
Siderius ll
Early Snow
Soft Light Hungry Horse
Water's Edge
Five on the Stillwater
Three, West Shore
East of the Red, Revisited
Early Morning Trio
Orchard After Rain
Light at the Edge
Along Spring Gulch Road
Fall Shadows, Mountain Village
Before Sunrise, Chimayo
Telluride Morning II
Telluride Morning III
Pond, Many Lakes
Soft Northerly
Down Valley, Early Fall
Riverside Shadows
End of Summer
Poles Above the Beehive
Open Shade
Spring, Apgar
West View II Triptych
Deep Shadows
Bend in the Stream
Red Hills
Yarrow in Bloom
Edge of Fairway
Three Shades of Fall
Fall Color
Golden Glow
Ash Among Birch
Red River Quintet
Sunrise Ridge
Blue Maples
Lodgepoles, Canyon