Ulla Darni Illuminated Art

Ulla Darni is widely regarded as the modern master of reverse-painted glass.  Collected throughout the world, Ulla's work adorns palaces, estates, museums, galleries and beautifies every installation. 

Ulla Originals 


Each piece in the Ulla Originals collection is a one-of-a-kind creation, painted by Ulla and presented on hand-forged ironwork of her design.  Each piece is numbered and bears Ulla's signature and thumbprint.  Ulla has retired from painting in 2018 and we have a select offering of her work.

Multiple Original Chandeliers


Multiple Originals pieces are studio-painted versions of original designs by Ulla Darni. Each signed and numbered piece is executed under Ulla's direction by her talented artists in the Catskill Mountains Studio. Each slightly unique and painstakingly prepared glass painting is then coupled with its Ulla-designed hand-forged ironwork. 

Sconces, Lanterns, Lamps and Nightlights

The Ulla Original collection as well as the Multiple Original Collection are available as wall sconces, lanterns, table and floor lamps and nightlights.  Like the chandeliers, each are reverse painted by hand and are a beautiful way to adorn your space on their own or to accent a chandelier.

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