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Art For Self

Lustre compliments jewelry for home, with art for self.  Our fine jewelry is hand crafted and combines precious metals with exquisite gems delivering truly extraordinary pieces. The artisans behind the designs and craftsmanship are as varied as the collections they create.  Each of our jewelers source ethically mined and socially responsible diamonds and other gemstones throughout the world and eco-responsible precious metals.


Emily Armenta considers her Old World jewelry collection a Gallería or passageway, which connects the past to the present.  Inspired by the Iberian countryside, Emily mixes palettes, precious metals and stones as would a painter, with unlikely pairings that enhance and delight. 



Gurhan’s jewelry can be described as a range of classic, fashion, edgy and lush. Gurhan embellishes his pure gold work with beautiful stones and antiquities creating a truly one of a kind collection.


Gurhan is renowned for pioneering the revival of 24k gold jewelry, inspired by the art of ancient goldsmiths.

Todd Reed

Todd has spent years at the jeweler’s bench refining his own vocabulary of shapes, proportions, textures, finishes and the techniques required to bring his pieces to life.  Todd finds a connection with every stone that he and his team work with — the inherent dialogue between the stones and the designs in which they live. The character of each final piece stems from the idiosyncrasies of that marriage between stone and metal.


Golden South Sea Pearls are farmed in the pristine waters of the Palawan Seas in the Philippines.  For over two generations, Jewelmer has coaxed the finest South Sea pearls into existence at its state-of-the-art pearl farms in Southern Palawan.  Jewelmer presents lustrous pearl strands and artfully designed jewelry collections.  


Barcelona Jewelers since 1839, these historic art nouveau and contemporary jewelry collections share the artistic expression of their Mediterranean heritage and the translucent effect of their enamels, requiring expert craftsmanship and precision.  

AaronHenry Designs

The hallmarks to Aaron Henry jewelry are design integrity, gemstone quality, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Fine jewelry is an art form, and the creative process extends beyond the studio into every aspect of the world.  “Where we travel, whom we meet and how we interact with nature and culture; our experiences and desires all influence the direction that our designs take.” 

Sir Zoltan David

Designed with a regal elegance that is both original and historic, each of Zoltan's handcrafted jewels is a sophisticated and captivating work of inspired imagination. Precious in its materials, elegantly beautiful in its proportions and exquisitely crafted, the jewelry is created for its owner to bring it to life with their own honor and grace and intention.

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