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"First I dream the woman.  Then I create the jewelry.  And when I talk about 'the woman'...I'm talking about every mother, my neighbor, my wife, my friends, my customers."  GURHAN is internationally renowned for pioneering the revival of pure 24 karat gold jewelry and for changing the landscape of jewelry design with award-winning creations.  It is the personal touch of Gurhan on his designs that defines his signature aesthetic.  Gurhan's "fingerprints" are the essence of his jewelry - they are seen in the marks of hand-hammering and natural imperfections, evidence that every piece is painstakingly crafted by hand.  Women around the world, celebrities and collectors alike, seek out his jewelry, not only for its distinctive design, but for this very personal dimension that Gurhan infuses into his creations. 


To purchase from the GURHAN website through Lustre Gallery please click here.

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