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About Lustre Gallery, Art for Home and Self

Lustre Gallery is home to beautiful works of art both for home and self that are inspired by a love of nature.  Lustre currently shows its artwork at select venues in Telluride.  Telluride Truffle is tucked away on S. Pine Street and is most noticeable to the passerby at night.  Dozens of hand painted glass chandeliers, lanterns and sconces by Ulla Darni illuminate the store.   Marshall Noice art work is showcased at Telluride Truffle and 221 South Oak Street, a delightful restaurant on Oak Street.

Art For Home

Transform your environment into a treasured space with art work from Lustre.  Marshall Noice’s vibrant landscapes grace the walls and Ulla Darni's hand painted chandeliers provide illumination.  Fine inlaid woodwork by John Arenskov brings the term 'conversation piece' to life..


Sculptural works are hand crafted in bronze, copper and glass.  Chose from unique and collectable works of art that embellish and bring character to your home, landscape or office.  

Soft Light Hungry Horse (2021_11_09 14_56_24 UTC).jpg

Many of the artists that Lustre represents will create one of a kind commissioned works to best suit your particular space and lifestyle. We can also help you to repurpose heirloom jewels into cherished pieces of wearable art. 


Please call to discuss the commission process in more detail.  

r-395-8mm (2021_11_09 14_50_55 UTC).jpg
Art for Self

Complementing jewelry for home with art for self, Lustre showcases several renowned jewelers.  Lustre’s artists often find inspiration in nature and incorporate the most beautiful natural stones into their creations.   Unique pieces of wearable art and high quality craftsmanship result in heirloom pieces that will be cherished for a lifetime and future generations


Lustre's jewelers include the pure gold of Gurhan, raw and natural diamonds of Todd Reed, historic art nouveau jewels of Lluis Masriera,  and our newest addition, the Knight Dreams and Duchess collections of Sir Zoltan David. 

Gallery Events

Lustre's venues participate in the First Thursday Art Walk sponsored by the Telluride Arts District during the summer festival and winter/spring ski seasons. 

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