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Sconces, Lanterns, Lamps and Nightlights

These hand painted glass art works provide decorative accents, adding illumination and warmth to your home or office.  They are available in many of the multiple original designs.  The lanterns can be also be hung as pendants and the lanterns and sconces are available in small and large sizes.

Please contact us if you are interested in commissioning a piece for your home.  

Tropical Sunset, Mikael Darni
Mir, Red & Green Table Lamp
Vienna Thin, Purple Table Lamp
Swing, Red & Gold Table Lamp
Moonscape, Mikael Darni Table Lamp
Mir, Monochromatic Table Lamp
Kaz, Orange Table Lamp
Madame Butterfly, Gold Table Lamp
Mikael Darni Original Floral
Horses, Sunset Table Lamp
Tropical Sunset Floor Lamp
Mir, Monochromatic Lantern
Vienna Thin, Purple Lantern
Mir, Red & Black Sconce
Rom, Sconce
Vienna Thin, Purple Sconce
Mir, Blue & Gold Sconce
Tropical Sunset, Mikael Darni
Mir, Monochromasie Sconce
Moonscape, Mikael Darni Sconce
Swing Rust Sconce
Swing, Red & Gold Sconce
Horses, Golden Sconce
Balance Nightlight
Horses Nightlight
Landscape, Mikael Darni Nightlight
Vienna Thin, Purple Nightlight
Vienna Thin Rose Nightlight
Mina Nightlight
Bliss Nightlight
Ibis, Purple Nightlight
Kashmir Nightlight
Moonscape Mikael Darni Nightlight
Tropical Sunset, Mikael Darni
Marrakesh Nightlight
Rom Nightlight
Kaz Green Nightlight
Kaz Orange Nightlight
Mir, Monochromatic Nightlight
Mir Red & Black Nightlight
Fern Nightlight
Fern Orange Purple NIghtlight
Vienna Bold Rose Nightlight
Vienna Bold Purple Nightlight
Tatiana Nightlight
Madame Butterfly Gold Nightlight
Madame Butterfly Cinnamon
Spring Nightlight
Peacock Nightlight
Fez Nightlight
Iguana Nightlight
Swing Blue Nightlight
Swing, Orange & Gold, Nightlight
Swing, Rust Nightlight
Swing Slate Blue Nightlight
Margaret Nightlight
Daisy Nightlight
India Nightlight
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