John Arenskov has designed and created furniture for over thirty years and is considered by some to be one of the foremost custom furniture builders in the United States today.  John is constantly working to further refine his craft, challenging himself and his clients with new and evolving styles.  John's artistic range spans the Arts & Crafts Movement, Art Deco, African Primative to Contemporary.  John incorporates fine exotic woods and gem-quality stones in his Inlaid Collection.  Due to the nature of the materials used, each creation is unique and reflects John's desire to craft something noteworthy, a true conversation piece.

John Arenskov

Coffee Table
East Meets West Bridge Bench
Dining Table
Bubinga Desk with Steel Base
Bubinga Desk & Larsonite Detail
Art Deco Buffet
Sculpted Cherry Sofa Table
Redwood Dragonstone Table
Bench, Laminated detail
Wicked Chair
Custom Bathroom Vanity
Burl Cocktail Table
Inlaid Side Table