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Jim Eppler

Jim Eppler spends many hours outdoors, observing animals and birds.  He captures on sketchbooks and film the remarkable dimensions of wildlife and their habitats. “My photos reveal their form and habits, but their gift to my soul is what inspires me to paint and sculpt.” Sculpted in wax and clay, Jim’s creations capture subtle gestures and movements that are cast in bronze using the lost wax method. With paint and patina, Jim expresses the distinctive markings unique to each species.  These sculptural works are suitable for interior placement and as landscaping treatments.

Jim Eppler & Twice Life Size Ravens
Antelope skull
Box Baby Turtle I
Box Baby Turtle I
Cottontail Baby VI
Longhorn Skull
Small Raven V
Chipmonks I & II
Moose Skull
Baby Grey Fox I
Baby Grey Fox II
Baby Grey Fox III
Red Fox Baby I
Red Fox Baby II
Box Turtle
Small Coyote 1
Wolf I Howl
Wolf II Stalking
Wolf III Sitting Side
Wolf IV lying 1
Wolf V courtship
Cottontail II
Cougar II
Bobcat Mama and Babies
Otters I
Roadrunner IV
Whitetail Fawn II
Raven XI D
Raven IE Red or Green
Raven IX D with Medicine Bag
Raven VII D
Gray Fox II
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