Dalen Stevens, Porcelain

"My music and art have always gone hand in hand.  I often think of my clay work in musical terms... as improvisations on a theme... improvisations that express a rhythmic flow... shapes and patterns that ring aurally and visually.  Hopefully when someone sees or holds one of my pieces, one can sense this musical energy distilled into solid form." Native to the mountains of Southwest Colorado, Dalen Stevens has made Telluride home for many years.  Dalen is active in the Telluride Choral Society and can be found playing with local chamber music ensembles.  

Pearl Globe Vessel
Palm Leaf Vessels, Temmoku Glaze
Temmoku Glaze Platter
Pearl Vases
Black Small Palm Vase
Pearl Cutout Vases and Bowl
Aqua Vases
Copper Vase
Aqua Trio
Aqua Collection
Aqua Platter
Aqua Vase with Copper
Sapphire Vases
Sapphire vases